Selling Pre-Loved Items

Do's & Don'ts


We've put together some tips and tricks plus best practices when selling Pre-Loved items on

We are excited to open our platform to our like-minded community -- giving all allTRUEist customers the ability to resell their Pre-Loved items and give them a new life.

Selling online can sometimes be tricky, but we are here to help make it easy and honest. The guidance below ensures your listing is accurate and beautiful.

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When taking your pictures, make sure the background is clean and clutter-free, you want the focus to be on the item and not the surroundings.

You can take great pictures with most phones nowadays, but make sure you have good lighting.

  • Do take a picture from the front of the bag
  • Do take a side or angled view picture
  • Do take a picture of you wearing the item, it is not necessary but helps the buyer to determine scale
  • Do take close up pictures of any wear and tear, scuffs, scratches or imperfections
  • Do take a picture if you have tags, dustbags or boxes


'A picture is worth 1000 words'. Make sure they are all positive words. Avoid some of these common mistakes and you will soon become a pro!

  • Don't use any filters or photo editing software, this can alter the color (good lighting is best)
  • Don't use dark or busy backgrounds, keep it to whites or neutrals
  • Don't use direct flash on the product, it may change the color and create shadows
  • Don't include other items or props in the picture, keep it simple
  • Don't use blurry pictures
  • Don't use pictures of your item found on the internet, use yours
  • Don't forget to have fun!



Descriptions are just as important as the pictures, make sure you keep the information honest, brief and professional.

  • Describe the condition; if it includes tags, warranty cards, dustbags or other packaging
  • Be professional in your description and check your grammar
  • Be honest, transparent and detailed. If there are any flaws it is important to describe and show pictures
  • Include measurements for accessories: height, width and depth
  • For clothing and shoes, include sizing and fit, if altered describe thoroughly with new measurements

Sample of a good description - Alexandra K 1.5 bag:

Rare Alexandra K. 1.5 Piñatex handbag in black. Worn seldomly and always stored carefully in its dustbag.

  • This bag is an excellent choice for work and fits a 12 inch laptop
  • Silver hardware
  • In good condition: has 1 scuff mark on the bottom corner and one small scratch on brand plaque (see pictures)
  • Comes with warranty card and dustbag.


  • Height: 12 inches
  • Width: 14 inches
  • Depth: 7 inches


Sometimes describing your item can be the hardest part, but over embellishing or not describing enough can harm your chances of selling the product or for the seller to be disappointed once the item arrives.

Don't make false claims, if the item is in poor condition, don't state it is in good condition

Don't omit important information, for example if it comes with a crossbody strap, make sure to include that information

Don't use abbreviated words or emojis, keep it professional

Don't make your descriptions too long or too short, balance is key. Just use relevant information you would want to know if you were buying it for the first time.

Sample of poor description - Same Alexandra K 1.5 bag:

  • Black bag from AK. It's big and fits a ton of stuff. You'll luv it.
  • Many pockets inside. Slightly worn but it looks like new.
  • Comes with coton bag and papers
  • Size: big


You've sold your item, hooray! Now it's time to prepare and ship it. Follow these tips to make sure your item is sent neatly and securely.

Make sure you properly disinfect any surfaces where you will be packing your item.

All items must be properly cleaned and clothing must be washed or dry cleaned as instructed on the care label.

Handbags and Shoes

  • Pack the item inside its original dustbag or shoebox if possible
  • Include any of the item's tags, warranty cards or accessories
  • Find a sturdy box in excellent condition that is slightly bigger than your item, a box that is too tight may crush the item.
  • Never ship handbags, shoes or small accessories in soft pouches or envelopes, they will be damaged in transport.
  • Use tissue paper or recycled/reused bubble wrap for protection
  • Seal the box properly and securely with packing tape along the seams and across the seams of the box
  • Affix the prepaid shipping label you were sent on the top of the box.
  • Drop off at the designated courier


  • Make sure clothing has been washed or dry cleaned, pressed or iron as indicated on the care label
  • Neatly fold it
  • Pack it inside a soft pouch or box
  • Seal the parcel very well covering all seams to avoid any liquids or moisture coming into the parcel
  • Affix prepaid shipping label you were sent on the outside of the parcel
  • Drop off at the designated courier