Enveloping your senses


Sometimes, one can scour the world looking for this one item to find out it was in your backyard all this time.

This was our experience with Claude André, the brains and talent behind Hébert Parfums. We were extremely fortunate to meet a true perfumer with decades of experience in the industry right here in Montreal. At Maison Alltrueist we look high and low for exceptional talent and we are proud to introduce Hébert Parfums, an independently owned company manufacturing in Montreal, Canada.

This growing, small-batch collection, of fine perfumes are made using superb quality ingredients while always remaining vegan, cruelty-free and mostly natural (with the exception of a minimal percentage of synthetic ingredients to remain vegan).

The quality of these perfumes rival top luxury brands on the market, and we take pride in partnering with Hébert Parfums supporting small independent businesses with high ethical standards.

Hébert Parfums was founded in 2020 and produces their perfumes in-house at the Montreal studio.

They are in the process of obtaining their cruelty-free and vegan certifications.


At the age of 5, Claude André enjoyed picking flowers in the family garden to build bouquets for his mother’s friends, where each would have an individual personality, representative of their characters, to whom he would give them to.

At the age of 18, he began a career that led him to work with some of the largest fragrance houses; Aramis, Lancaster, Thierry Mugler, just to name a few.

Since then, Claude André nurtured a passion to make people dream and discover his world filled of fantasies and emotions. As an artist at heart his form of expression is through the emotions evoked from his complex olfactory creations.

With over 38 fragrances born to this day (bespoke and commercial), Claude André Hébert does not invent a perfume, he creates a story to clothe the soul. All evocative of characters with precise personalities, he creates every perfume from texts composed of a true story, the essence of a human soul or place, or based on a brand essence.

The words become ingredients, then distinct odors coming from his olfactory memory, all of which ultimately creates a unique scent.

He has created perfumes for artists, companies and even commemorating cities!