Bold. Beautiful. Ethical


SYLTH - A portmanteau (two words joined together); marries the words synthetic (manmade) and Sylph, a mythological creature (also known as Sylphid) is an air spirit. They are formed of air, they live in the air, they are guardians who protect secret knowledge, beautiful women, and the environment.
VIRAGO - is a formidable female warrior; strong and courage.
These words describe who Sylth Virago is and how they want you to feel; strong warrior women that believe in protecting the environment.
SV's ethos embodies this at the core, their shoes are manufactured ethically decreasing harm to the environment with bold designs.
Sylth Virago is a women owned/run business that encourages self-confidence, kindness and respect to the planet and all lives inhabiting it.


Sylth Virago was founded in 2019 by friends Danielle Goldman and Athanasia Diamantis-Svec.

Fashionistas and animal lovers alike, they searched in vain for a greater variety of gorgeous products that were created ethically; without harm to animals or the environment.

Realizing they had an opportunity to start something great, they brought along designer, Kyle Blackmon whose design pedigree infuses the SV brand with one-of-a-kind designs, strong silhouettes and invaluable industry experience.



During free time after studying for and completing her Nurse Practitioner degree, giving birth and raising a toddler, Danielle conjured up the footwear line of her dreams. Creating a luxury vegan brand of stunning shoes paired perfectly with her core values of ethical and sustainable living. With her finger on the ankle pulse of shoe wearing people everywhere, she is proud to debut this line integrating beauty, strength and kindness.


Dedicated, innovative and progressive are just some of the words to describe Athanasia. With a degree in Journalism and Public Relations and over 13+ years of work experience in the fashion industry, she’s a native to the ever-changing space. In an effort to be at the forefront of change, she quickly began learning about sustainability and how she can personally minimize her carbon foot print and still have gorgeous shoes.



Kyle Blackmon, A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design in both Accessory and Apparel Design, has always lived a life dedicated to fashion and footwear. At an early age, she began an amateur dance career, that to this day has led her to fall in love with the movement, beauty and gracefulness that luxury footwear applies to the human form.


Footwear Development has a hefty impact on our environment due to the use of non-biodegradable materials, over consumption and governance. Society rarely considers this impact on our planet and, consequently, the desire for a particular product overwhelms the internal compass and promotes purchasing irresponsibly. Therefore, ethical material sourcing, practices, and partnerships at Sylth Virago, will help reduce their carbon footprint by promising to always put forth footwear that you cannot only look good in, but that you can feel good about.

Sylth Virago partners with international industry experts to ensure their customers receive the highest quality product. Their commitment to provide ethical and sustainable luxury products utilizing specialty materials is achieved through rigorous quality control, promising the perfect stitch and show stopping finishes.

Their 100% biodegradable insole went under rigorous tensile strength and resistance testing to ensure balance and stability regardless of heel height.

All of their products are made by up to eight artisans throughout Italy, each a master in their field. As they continue to grow, they hope to collaborate with leaders in innovation to deliver products reflective of our ethical ethos and bold aesthetic.