Enhancing your natural beauty

Canadian Made

At allTRUEist, we love discovering local talent, Montreal is a mecca for creative minds and Étymologie is a fantastic emerging brand with expertly formulated skincare products that are natural, sustainable and high performing.

Their innovative products use organic, animal-free and cruelty-free ingredients to combine skincare and aromatherapy to help you look and feel your best self.  Étymologie's formulas are transparently designed to be safe, sustainable and effective, using only 100% naturally sourced plant actives in their lab.

Our business decisions are driven by making you look amazing sustainably, and challenge themselves on how they can minimize their environmental footprint and help promote sustainable farming, production and beauty practices around the world. At the moment this means they use only natural ingredients, Étymologie does not and never will test on animals, and they use fully recycled paper and cardboard packaging including vegetable ink and glass – not plastic bottles. They do these things because they believe that innovative chemistry, transparently sustainable natural ingredients, and inclusivity on a fundamental level can all work together. 

Behind The Brand


Raquela was born in Zurich, and was educated between Switzerland and Canada. She studied Biochemistry and Food Science, completing an MSc at McGill University. As part of her MSc she undertook research on novel sunscreens and cosmetic preservatives, based on botanical extracts at a leading laboratory in Milan, Italy under the direction of Dr. Luigi Rigano. She was inspired to create a line of scientifically based holistic, natural and organic skincare. 

In 2015 she was a finalist in the McGill Dobson Cup, and decided to turn an idea into a business. She committed to creating products that work well and do good, and was drawn to finding novel, innovative ways to use rare, traditional extracts. She was inspired to produce functional, ethical, and elegant products backed by science, and committed to fair trade and environmental conservation.

She set out to source botanical oils from ethical suppliers, committed to sustainable agriculture and giving back to their local communities. The production of these oils is free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers and creates jobs in the local economy, empowers women and increases family’s standards of living. From talking to women, she found a lot of people were unsure as to what products worked, how many products they should use, what works for their particular skin type, and if they should use natural and organic products. This inspired her to create a line of essential products that address the fundamental needs of all skin types; cleansing, hydration and antioxidants for protection. The products have been developed with several focus groups in Montreal to optimize the function and sensory aspects of the products, to ensure they were meeting the needs of real people.


Étymologie believes in quality over quantity.  They provide expert skincare for every person, with targeted. precise and scientifically-designed products that WORK. They keep their footprint on the environment tiny by using amazing. entirely natural and sustainably produced ingredients. When you buy an Étymologie product, you are making a lifestyle choice to commit to sustainable, ethical beauty, with long-term results for your skin. 


 tHE ingredients are organic and produced using sustainable farming that does not use ANY toxic pesticides and fertilizers. This is better for your skin and better for the Earth – lower greenhouse gas emissions help conserve local biodiversity and prolong sustainable farming of land.