Timeless - Luxurious - Impeccable

Vêtir Vert, “To dress green”   in Francais

Green is the color of life symbolizing growth, renewal, intelligence, compassion,  social awareness, harmony, and hope.
The color that embodies environmental consciousness.


Vêtir Vert is a cruelty-free luxury footwear design house  creating a solution for the ethically  minded who crave impeccable and  sophisticated designs.

While Vêtir Vert is first and foremost built on great  product, meticulously designed and handmade  in Italy, the brand differentiates itself through its commitment to both quality and cause in equal measure. 

Vêtir Vert sources the finest, sustainable, and  cruelty-free materials.


Their collections are manufactured by the most knowledgeable craftsmen in Riviera Del Brenta, Italy, who are passionate about creating extraordinary cruelty-free materials that reach the highest standards of quality and innovation. Equipped with the latest technology and machinery, they are able to produce the most sophisticated products, while fully complying with the strictest environmental protection standards.

By using the highest quality leather alternatives and materials, they have proven how luxury footwear can be beautiful, sustainable, and cruelty-free. 

Vêtir Vert's factory is Ecolabel-certified and operates with full compliance to REACH regulations (the unique system for registration, evaluation, and authorization of chemicals). REACH aims to strengthen human health and environmental protection.


As a cruelty-free brand, they do not use leather, skin, fur, or feathers. However, not all synthetic leathers are created equal; many do more harm than good. That is why their vegan leather is carefully sourced from leading synthetic leather producers exclusively in Italy. This ensures their leather alternatives not only look amazing, but also contribute to a better environment.

The outsoles are created from an Italian-made material called THUNIT, which is 100% recyclable and identical in look and feel to “vero cuoio” outsoles. The insole boards of our shoes are made of pure cellulose and water, making them completely biodegradable and 100% recyclable.