Honey & Beeswax Sourcing

Virginia Stone sources beeswax and honey from the most stringent producers that have the bees well-being in mind. Key factors on the raw materials:
  • Wild harvested from West Lunga Forest, an African miombo woodland forest preserve in the northwest region of Zambia.
  • Produced by wild African bees in an area free from chemicals, pharmaceutical compounds, and GMO's.
  • Certified Fairtrade, and embodying the principles of Fairtrade: opportunity; transparency; capacity; fair pricing; safe working conditions; environmental stewardship; and respect for cultural identity.
  • Certified Organic by EcoCert
  • The project is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional practices in a sustainable manner. Hives are made from bark or hollow logs and placed high in the forest canopy, attracting colonies of wild bees. The raw materials are carefully removed twice a year from the end of the hive to protect the colony.
  • Virginia Stone is cruelty-free and never tests on animals.