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 Mayana Genevière® is a high luxe, intimate apparel line designed to celebrate and support the journey of womanhood. Initially created to bridge the gap between fashion lingerie and maternity undergarments (with a focus on the restoration required during postnatal recovery), this innovative intimate apparel brand has evolved into a versatile line capturing the essence and needs of a woman as she transitions through life’s many stages.

Changing the undergarment industry on a global scale, Mayana Genevière® is the innovator behind ALUXTRA™ Clasp-Free Technology. The revolutionary patented function is signature to every bra in the brand cleverly conceals the bra’s nursing capabilities. This unique feature allows for a bra that supports the breasts during maternity, nursing and beyond. 

The great thing is that they can be used by any woman, whether you are nursing or not and nobody would know the difference.

Developed and designed with impeccable attention to detail, every garment from bra to control bottom, is carefully crafted to fit the curves, changes and needs of a woman. Special attention has been placed on comfort required to support women during the transitional moments of life. Nursing, body changes and the ebb and flow of personal preference no longer need to compromise on fashionable undergarments or personal wardrobe style.


With social responsibility at the forefront of garment construction, the brand takes pride in ethical sourcing and quality of production in-house at the Mayana Genevière® Atelier in Toronto. With Canada once a leader in lingerie production, producing in Canada was a decision made from the brand's inception, where the working conditions and environmental practices are regulated and standardized. We are invested in revitalizing our skill with a dedicated team who work with passion to make every garment fit and function excellence, design and made exclusively for you.


What began as a strong desire to improve on the foundational pieces of a woman’s postnatal wardrobe in a time when body image is scientifically proven to be at it’s lowest, turned into a comprehensive brand that celebrates and supports women in their journey of motherhood and beyond. We recognize as beautiful as the pregnancy and recovery period is, it is a temporary state that can have lasting effects. As a result, special attention has been placed on the comfort required to support women during transitional moments of life such as nursing and body changes, without having to compromise on personal wardrobe style. Making every garment versatile for the needs of women, regardless of her life stage, is what makes our brand unique!

Creating long lasting well-made products is our priority, quality is the focus. We are extremely selective with the make-up of your garment. Every piece that is sourced is checked for quality, where and how it’s made. We source as much of our fabrics in North America as possible, travelling to different mills in Canada and the United States to see our foam, cotton and stretch fabrics being made first hand.


Whether sourced globally or locally, every textile and trim chosen is based on production standards that eliminate environmental and social concerns in today’s world. We are grateful to work with many industry leading generational family-owned business who are global experts in ethical production. 


Each fabric is selected for appearance, handle and performance. Understanding how each textile is made, the origin and process involved to create quality, satisfy market trends and technology are defining factors. Once chosen, they are implemented into our patterns and undergo extensive wash and wear testing for durability.

Working with renowned textile and manufacturing mills, every element found in each garment is a melange of excellence on a global scale. The time and attention spent for this process results in carefully selected fabrics that function to create desired, stylish garments. 


Producing the garments in house affords them the opportunity to be directly involved in all aspects of design, development and manufacturing process. Each garment is subject to rigorous quality control checks with quick turnaround for adjustments if necessary ~ making the process very hands-on. Made with impeccable attention to detail, every garment from bra to bottom, is carefully crafted to fit the curves, changes and needs of women.

They specialize in making structured bras and cut and sew bottoms, a process that can involve up to least 8 machines for one garment and specialized skill to construct. We recognize that technique and industry advancements are key to providing you with the best fitting garment, as such are constantly updating our craft by consulting with renowned industry experts to improve and advance our collections. 


Mayana Genevière® is proud to be the official sponsor of Maternal Goddess®, a non-profit organization of industry experts who are dedicated to providing education and awareness towards the changes and challenges women experience postpartum. As part of the philosophy to enhance women’s postnatal recovery experience, a portion of every purchase from Mayana Genevière® is contributed to advancing the Maternal Goddess® Mission.
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Following the birth of her daughter, Nadine M. Wood was introduced to the world of nursing bras and shapewear out of necessity. She immediately recognized the impact of the physical changes a woman experiences post birth and the significance it can have beyond childbearing years.

Shocked by the lack of foundational garments required for recovery combined with the absence of resources available to navigate the physical transformation of a woman’s body, Nadine envisioned a line that satisfies the right to have the best of both worlds.

Nadine M. Wood - Mayana Geneviere - Founder

Nadine M. Wood - Founder & CEO

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