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In 2007 Nau was founded on the idea that style, performance and sustainability could be friends, and they’ve never looked back. They relentlessly examine and experiment in order to design modern clothing that performs and has the least impact possible on the environment.


Sustainability comes standard.

Sustainability isn’t a feature, an extra, a nice to have or marketing copy. It’s their starting point and their exploration without end. It’s woven into every raw material, every pattern and every silhouette. It’s NAU's business model, their responsibility to our community, and it’s why they partner with and support organizations that matter. NAU makes sure sustainability is built into everything they do. Why? Because they believe that business can be a force for good. That’s why they carefully look at how they develop materials, source factories and how they can influence the entire supply chain. Every link in that chain matters and every decision they make counts. The hope is that someday the way we all do business can have a larger effect on the way things are done. And what was once seen as out of the ordinary will become simply what’s expected.

Sustainability can be luxurious.
That’s a surprising statement to a lot of people, but not to NAU nor to allTRUEist. They know firsthand that when you push to create high quality fabrics that have to tick a lot of boxes — minimal environmental impact, soft to the touch, incredible performance in the elements and so much more—that the results can be astounding. Their hope is that the more people can experience how luxurious these functional and premium fabrics are, the easier the shift to better fabrics will be for both our customers and for an entire industry.


ORGANIC COTTON: Soft and breathable, they blend it with high performance fabrics for softness that’s unheard of in technical garments. They only use 100% organically grown cotton, which does not use pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or defoliants at any point in its growth and development.

RECYCLED POLYESTER: The most sustainable fiber for making weather-resistant outerwear, it's incredibly versatile and durable. This recycled polymer uses post-consumer PET bottles and post-industrial waste, which requires less energy to produce than virgin polyester. It also diverts waste out of the landfills, lessens environmental degradation caused by conventional polyester processing, and, ultimately, helps us-and, eventually, an entire industry-create long-lasting garments that would normally end up as waste.

RECYCLED DOWN:  NAU takes post-consumer down that would otherwise be discarded in a landfill and upcycles it into new high-performance insulation. They've partnered with a French company that collects post consumer duvets and pillows and a Hungarian down processor to collect, clean, rejuvenate, sort and test the reclaimed down and transform it into high quality 650-fill insulation that performs exactly the same as new down.

RECYCLED WOOL: Wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber that is inherently odor resistant and can insulate, cool, absorb, wick and even provide moisture repellency depending on how the fiber is processed. NAU uses recycled wool, it is upcycled from repurposed wool products in Italy to reduce input and impact.


Where is it made?
NAU manufactures their clothing in four countries—Canada, China, Thailand and Turkey—using fabrics from China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Thailand and the U.S.A. One reason they manufacture many of their products in Asia is because much of the cutting-edge textiles originate only in Asia, and one of their goals is to have the production facilities as close as possible to where their fabric, hardware and fixtures originate, in order to reduce the environmental impact of shipping.
For many of the products they are producing (some of the most highly tailored and technical on the market) the required skill sets and technologies no longer exist in the U.S. While there are U.S.-made garments available to consumers, they are almost always less technical than what Nau designs. 

Thankfully, along with the years of industry experience that many of their staff members bring to their team comes lasting, established relationships with foreign manufacturers whose practices and integrity they know and trust. Of course overseas production is not without controversy, but if approached with honesty and transparency, and monitored by a system of checks and balances, NAU believes it can actually benefit the people and countries where the work is done.

Who makes it is as important as where it's made
Besides working with manufacturers with whom they have long-established relationships, they have created a code of conduct with which they must comply. NAU's Code of Conduct addresses three major areas: human rights, environment, documentation and review. The human rights section addresses issues related to voluntary employment, child labor, freedom of association, fair and equal treatment, non discrimination, compensation, hours of work, overtime, and health and safety.


We believe in durability as an important component of sustainability, because the longer you use it the less stuff you need.





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