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Four years from its birth, the cruelty-free shoe label Opificio V is changing its name to Nemanti Milano to celebrate the internationalisation of the brand for the Milan Fashion Week, 2017. The operation of rebranding, while keeping intact the elegance and the aesthetic workmanship typical of Made in Italy products that have until now characterised the proposed Men's and Women's collections, introduces the usage of new materials that are respectful of the environment and of animals.

The approach to the production of Nemanti Milano is given much more vivacity by a rooted culture of respect: for animals, as all the materials used are cruelty free; for the environment, thanks to the use of plant tissue, often a by-product of recycling or reuse, and with zero effect on the environment; for tradition and the workmanship, as demonstrated by the absence of outsourcing to other countries and by the involvement of two artisanal districts from ancient and established history: the Marchigiano and that of Parabiago.

The materials used are products of careful research in their ethical as well as technologically advanced, they guarantee comfort, elegance and durability in the shoes: from the more traditional linen, waxed cotton and wood, to more innovative materials such as Alcantara with zero CO2 emissions and faux leather derived from the refuse of the production of grains in non food cultivations.
The Spring-Summer 2018 collection will also see the use of also pellemela, a faux leather obtained from apple cores discarded by agribusiness industries, and 100% cellulose pure.
There are places where time belongs in another dimension. Places where the rhythm of life is punctuated by the enchanting dance of skillful hands, moving sinuously and elegantly about their task. These hands are versed in an ancient skill that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The construction of our shoes is entrusted to this wisdom. These shoes are more than an expression of Italian craftsmanship, we consider them to be works of art. This artform is made up of talent, tradition and love which blend together to create a unique experience.

Those who wear our shoes perceive that passion and dedication. A dream preserved by visionaries. Life stories, small families who believed and believe in ancient craftsmanship. People working every day to create a unique product realised with cruelty-free materials.

Our collections are the result of this heritage. Shoes which are destined to last over the years and to accompany the wearer every day, allowing them to deal with life, step by step. These are our essential values, ensuring that a shoe is much more than a simple shoe.


- Certified vegan by PETA and LAV

PETA UK Fashion Award Winner





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