Pelush New York - Luxury Faux Furs

Pelush New York - Luxury Faux Furs
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Pelush was born with the mission to reposition and transform the boundaries of the faux fur world. Through meticulous research, the finest Italian fabrics, and the best man-made pelage, each coat is carefully crafted in New York to create a luxurious and elegant experience. 

Pelush offers bespoke products in true Haute Couture fashion with graceful monograms, one of a kind linings, trims, handmade crochet and jewel appliqués, making the coats truly distinctive and personal.

Each piece is made to order by expert couturiers making them treasures to pass on to future generations.

A cruelty-free product & PETA approved, Pelush is a wonderful alternative for the modern woman in search of glamour, comfort, and the warmth of a plush coat.


Anna, Owner &  Creative Director of Pelush was born and raised in the fashion capital of Milan, Italy. Her passion for glamour, elegance and style led her to pursue a fashion career that has spanned over two decades.

Before creating her Luxury Faux Fur fashion brand, Pelush, Anna worked as a womenswear buyer, personal shopper, and stylist for the influential luxury houses of Fendi and Prada. Anna is well known and respected among fashion editors, celebrities and tastemakers for her attention to detail, knowing eye and unmatched styling ability.

Pelush reflects Anna’s eye for detail and design, embraces a conscious and compassionate lifestyle, and embodies the modern luxury that the world is craving. Anna is a lifelong animal lover and dedicated activist making her home in New York City.

Through Pelush, she is changing the way luxury faux fur is perceived and worn. 

Helen Mirren - Pelush Luxury Faux FurDiana Damrau Soprano Faux FurEsperanza Spalding - Pelush Faux FurMustafa Shakir Faux Fur

Left to Right: Actor Helen Mirren, Soprano Diana Damrau, Musician Esperanza Spalding & Actor Mustafa Shakir

Socially conscious celebrities and socialites with an eye for luxury fashion are realizing that they have a duty to use their fashion choices and platform for social good.
The media is taking notice too! Pelush has been worn by distinguished women & men such as Collateral Beauty and The Queen actress, Helen Mirren and Star Soprano, Diana Damrau and the brand has been featured on Yahoo Style, Swanky Vegan, Getty Images,, and more.


Recently featured on Forbes (read article here) Anna is ready to take on the industry and at allTRUEist we are with her joining the REFAUXLUTION, are you?


PETA approved Faux Fur 

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Anna Tagliabue - Pelush Faux Fur Designer

Anna Tagliabue


Pelush New York