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Trust Fund Beauty

trust fund beauty luxury vegan non-toxic nail polish and lipsticks
Trust Fund Beauty - wellness    Alexandra K. values
Unlike some of our relationships, Trust Fund Beauty is non-toxic, and cruelty free, these high end polishes are 10-free and the Lipgasm collection is 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and non-GMO, which means you're not giving death kisses nor dipping your pretty hands in gross toxins like formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, and Camphor, among others.
No idea what those mean... or even how to pronounce them? Exactly why founder Samara Granofsky kept them out.
Your inner beauty is your business, and we know you got that covered!
But your outer beauty is our business and we take that very seriously! When we met owner Samara it was instant love for her brand, her high standards of quality, her values and her humor!
We are blessed to call them partners and friends of allTRUEist.
Samara Granofsky is the founder, creator and brains behind Trust Fund Beauty. She started this brand in memory of her late mother. Samara's mother was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through chemotherapy. The treatment made her nails brittle and yellow so she wanted a nail polish to wear to feel better about herself. At the time, all the brands on the market offered a limited selection of colours and names that were not fun. Samara's mother wanted a cool fashion forward brand, but could not find one.

Years after her Mother's passing, in February 2014, Samara decided to launch Trust Fund Beauty. She combined her mother's wants and their joint sense of humor to create the brand.

Trust Fund Beauty started off with nails but quickly expanded to other products. It was important for Samara to create an ethical brand with a sense of humor to show that you can be ethical, beautiful and sassy, all at the same time.

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