Wise Men's Care

Wise Men's Care
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      Care for yourself. Care for the planet.

The seed for Wise was planted in a barber's chair. A barber colleague noticed that many of his clients, like himself, were seeking grooming products more in line with their lifestyle and beliefs. Wise caters to a new generation of conscious men; those who want thoughtful, carefully-sourced and natural personal care products down to the last ingredient and packaging detail.

Artificial fragrances and colors, MEA, DEA or TEA, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates will never be found in Wise products.

Natural, healthy and cruelty-free ingredients will always be the core of our products. No ingredients are tested on animals.

The only ingredient that hinders the vegan certification of Wise products is beeswax, an ingredient used for its moisturizing and protective properties. Beeswax is found only in 2 products ( Red Maple Cream Pomade & Glacier Clay Pomade). 

Wise product's promise centers on the following 8 goals:       
Goal #1
Natural ingredients
Because the natural world is therapeutic and the best ingredients can be found in nature.
Goal #2
Locally produced
Because we can limit the pollution produced when shipping resources across the globe. Formulated and made in Montreal, Canada.
Goal #3
Clean ingredients
Because it is time we stop using harmful chemicals in our everyday care products.
Goal #4
Scented with essential oils
Because traditional fragrances used in cosmetics can be harmful for our health.
Goal #5
Recyclable packaging
Because landfills are already full enough.
Goal #6
Reusable packaging
Because the best way to reduce waste is to give our goods a long life.
Goal #7
Reduced usage of materials
Because minimal packaging means less waste.
Goal #8
Renewable materials
Because not all resources available today will still be available tomorrow.
The team.
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