Eliot Knitted Sneakers - Dusty Pink | Women's

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The most comfortable sneakers we have tried, the 'Eliot" knitted trainers are an easy way to "up" your casual look without sacrificing comfort. Made from recycled plastic bottles, spun into a premium and durable yarn. The innovative soles are made from rubber and phylon, super lightweight, and give you more flexibility. 

The sustainable materials used help with saving water and energy whilst reducing environmental impact. 

Women’s lace-up trainers with the ECOALF logo on the heels. Made with polyester recycled from plastic bottles collected from the Mediterranean seabed.

  • Wide sole lace-up trainers
  • Color: Dusty Pink
  • White shoelaces
  • ECOALF logo
  • 100% Polyester recycled from plastic bottles collected from the Mediterranean seabed
  • 100% Vegan
  • 0% Metal
  • 100% Comfort

*If it doesn't fit, we will offer complimentary return shipping within North America. Please email us if you have concerns about ordering the right size.


Ecoalf uses materials in this garment that are certified:

Oeko Tex Certified
Ecoalf Women's Shoe Size Chart
EU US Millimeters
35 5 224
36 6 230
37 6.5 237
38 7.5 244
39 8 250
40 9 257
41 9.5 264

While standing up on a flat surface, place your foot on a blank piece of paper and outline your foot with a pen, afterward measure the paper outline from the heel to the tip of your longest toe in millimeters and compare to chart. Millimeter measurement will be the most accurate.

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