Lupine Crystal Brooch - Clip-on Shoe Brooch
Clip-on Shoe Brooch
LUPINE | Crystal Brooch - Shoe Accessory
Best Vegan Clip-on Shoe Brooch
Vegan Shoes Clip-on Shoe Brooch
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LUPINE | Crystal Brooch - Shoe Accessory
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LUPINE | Crystal Brooch - Shoe Accessory

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Glam up your heels or even flats with this lustrous brooch, made of clustered gems reminiscent of field blooms. Its asymmetrical cut gives your look that unique, glamorous touch. Carefully bend it to your shoe vamp’s shape or strap, and have fun accessorizing!

Make it your instant bijou to clip on your shoes, purse, coat, or even a dress for added glitz! Perfect for bridal looks as well.


  • May be clipped onto all of Veerah's shoe styles or shoes you already own
  • One pair is included in your order
  • Width: 76.2mm / 3″
  • Height: 38.1mm / 1.5″
  • Thickness: 12.7mm / 0.5″
  • Crystal brooch