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Matte Black Mesh Strap

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Solios' Mesh Metal straps are made of 316L stainless steel and offer a thick and eco-friendly coloring. We use ionic plating to avoid harmful chemical waste spills on our ground waters. The coloration found on our strap is as thick as what you would find on a luxurious Swiss-Made timepiece. On top of that, the clasp enclosure allows you to perfectly adjust your watch at home. Comfortable and durable. That’s all you need to wear your Solios for as long as you want.

Feel like changing the look of your watch? Take advantage of our quick-release feature to change your straps in seconds, no tools needed.

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Solar-Powered Watches

Stay Charged, Stay Sustainable

Solios watches are powered by innovative solar technology, allowing you to charge your watch as you move throughout your day. Say goodbye to the waste of single-use batteries and hello to sustainable style.


Thanks to Solios' innovative solar technology, you can say goodbye to dead batteries and hello to a watch that's always charged. With just two hours of light, Solios' energy reserve lasts for six months, and it can be charged over and over for decades.

B Corp Certified

Business with Purpose

Solios is the first certified B Corporation in the watch industry, proving that business can be both profitable and purposeful. With a focus on ethical practices and sustainability, every aspect of the company is designed to have a positive impact.