Geisha - Eau De Parfum
Vieux-Montréal - Eau De Parfum | Luxury Niche Perfume | Vegan, Cruelty-Free Fragrances | Hébert Parfums
Vieux-Montréal - Eau De Parfum | Luxury Niche Perfume | Vegan, Cruelty-Free Fragrances | Hébert Parfums

Geisha - Eau De Parfum

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SCENT TYPE:  Spicy Green


"GEISHA" by Hébert Parfums opens with the rare and precious note of saffron, setting a luxurious and intriguing tone. The heart of ginger adds warmth and a touch of spice, evoking a sense of deep intrigue and subtle complexity. The base notes of bamboo and green lotus provide a serene and natural foundation, capturing a sense of quiet elegance and allure. This fragrance is a narrative of grace and depth, inviting a closer connection to the refined and mysterious essence of a Geisha.

Geisha moves through the crowd, her bright colors a brushstroke against the canvas of people. Eyes follow her, drawn to a beauty that transcends the visual—her gaze, a silent, hypnotic invitation.

The perfume named for her, Geisha, whispers of mystery and reveals itself only to those who come close. It speaks of an allure that beckons quietly, a scent that is a subtle revelation of elegance and a seduction earned with proximity.

Top: Saffron

Heart: Ginger

Base: Bamboo, Green Lotus


Geisha begins with saffron, a note steeped in rarity, mirroring the precious encounters she graces. Ginger, at its heart, adds warmth and intrigue as deep as her gaze. The foundation of bamboo and green lotus anchors the fragrance in natural serenity, reflecting her quiet allure. This scent is an invitation to draw nearer, a subtle yet compelling narrative of elegance, reserved for those who seek the depth of her story.


Alcohol denat, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), linalool, coumarin, citronellol, geraniol, benzyl benzoate, farnesol, citral, d-Limonene

Natural, vegan and cruelty-free

Made in Canada

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