The Top 10 Michelin Star Rated Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in North America for 2023


The Culinary Evolution: From Europe's Green Tables to North America's Sustainable Feasts

After our enthralling journey through Europe's finest Michelin star-rated vegan and vegetarian restaurants, we're back with another gourmet adventure. Last time, we wandered through Europe's cobbled streets and aromatic kitchens, discovering the essence of sustainable dining. 

Now, we're crossing the Atlantic, setting our sights on the vast landscapes of North America. From the bustling streets of New York to the serene coastlines of Vancouver, we're about to unveil a culinary tapestry that's as diverse as it's delicious. If you ever wondered how North America's top chefs are revolutionizing the green dining scene, you're in for a treat. 

So, fasten your seat belts and whet your appetites, because this is a gastronomic journey you won't want to miss!

"The future of fine dining seamlessly blends sustainability, culinary artistry, and the rich flavors of both vegan and vegetarian cuisines."

1. Eleven Madison Park - New York, USA

Perched majestically in the iconic landscape of New York City, Eleven Madison Park is more than just a dining venue; it stands as a beacon of culinary innovation and elegance. Its recent transformation to an all-vegan menu has not only set new standards for luxury dining but has also positioned it as a global frontrunner in sustainable gourmet experiences.

Guided by the unparalleled artistry of Chef Daniel Humm, the restaurant weaves a tapestry of flavors, textures, and visual delights. Each dish is a narrative, a testament to the meticulous sourcing of sustainable ingredients and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Dining at Eleven Madison Park transcends the conventional; it's an immersion into a world where every detail, from the custom-made staff suits to the handblown water vases, is curated with precision.

The menu, a bold reimagination of vegan luxury, showcases dishes that are both visually arresting and gastronomically profound. Imagine a presentation of tonburi, a caviar mimic, elegantly plated with horseradish cream and a radish tostada enriched with pumpkin seed butter. The braised seitan, enveloped in tender spinach and adorned with morels, becomes an ode to vegan culinary craftsmanship, further elevated by the restaurant's exquisite sauces.

And as the meal progresses, the desserts do not falter in their promise of excellence. Creations like the frozen cherry blossom and rose confection, harmoniously paired with strawberries, ensure that the dining experience concludes on a note of sheer brilliance.

Eleven Madison Park - Michelin Star Vegan Restaurant
Image: Eleven Madison Park

2. Avant Garden - New York, USA


Nestled amidst the vibrant pulse of New York, Avant Garden stands as a testament to vegan culinary artistry. With a menu that's as dynamic as the city itself, this establishment, under the vision of Ravi DeRossi, brings a touch of elegance to vegan dining. 


The restaurant's offerings, from the refreshingly cool salt-baked sweet potato adorned with watercress purée and crispy jicama to the innovative deep-fried sushi rice crowned with avocado and a hint of miso, showcase a commitment to fresh, organic ingredients and imaginative cooking techniques. Their signature toast, layered with cremini mushrooms, a hint of sweet onion marmalade, and a sprinkle of herbes de Provence, promises a flavor journey like no other. 


At Avant Garden, it's not merely about dining; it's about immersing oneself in a culinary experience that celebrates sustainability and the art of vegan cuisine.

Avant Garden - Michelin Star Vegan Restaurant
Image: Avant Garden 

3. Dirt Candy - New York, USA


  • Cuisine: Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Website: DIRT CANDY

Nestled in New York's vibrant Lower East Side, Dirt Candy emerges as a culinary gem in the world of vegetarian dining. Under the guidance of Chef Amanda Cohen, the restaurant has consistently showcased the versatility and richness of vegetable-centric dishes. 

Cohen's culinary flair is evident in creations like the carrot marinara pizza, adorned with carrot pepperoni, which captures the imagination and tantalizes the taste buds. The dessert offerings, such as the espresso cookie paired with Brussels sprout-caramel and white chocolate, further highlight Dirt Candy's commitment to innovation. 

Every visit to Dirt Candy offers a unique dining experience, inviting guests to dive deep into the delightful realm of vegetarian cuisine.


Dirt Candy - New York, USA - Michelin Star Vegetarian Restaurant
Image: Dirt Candy

4. Oyster Oyster - Washington D.C., USA


Oyster Oyster in Washington D.C. is a culinary delight for those seeking a unique vegetarian dining experience. With a menu that is both innovative and rooted in tradition, the restaurant offers dishes that are a celebration of local produce.


 The chefs at Oyster Oyster are masters of their craft, transforming simple ingredients into dishes that are both flavorful and visually appealing. The ambiance is chic and modern, providing the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience. 


Whether you're a vegetarian or just a lover of good food, Oyster Oyster promises a meal that will tantalize your taste buds.

Oyster Oyster - Washington DC - Michelin Star Vegetarian Restaurant
Image: Oyster Oyster - Washington D.C.

5. Millennium - Oakland, USA


  • Cuisine: Vegan Restaurant
  • Website: MILLENIUM

Having graced San Francisco with its vegan delights for over two decades, Millennium has now found its home in Oakland, continuing its legacy of crafting some of the most distinctive and tantalizing plant-based dishes in the nation. The restaurant, with its blend of rustic elegance and contemporary flair, exudes a relaxed ambiance. Dark wooden interiors, complemented by a patio for open-air dining, set the stage for an array of patrons, from young families to professionals, all catered to by the warm and attentive staff.

Chef and owner Eric Tucker's culinary prowess is evident in every dish. While the restaurant is a haven for vegans, even the most ardent meat-lovers might find themselves rethinking their dining choices after indulging in the Millennium experience. The "Taste of Millennium" five-course menu is a testament to this, offering a journey through the best of vegan gourmet.

 Standout dishes include the roasted pumpkin tamales, enriched with pumpkin seed pastor and a creamy cashew nut crema, and the crispy king trumpet fritters, perfectly paired with a chili-persimmon jam. At Millennium, dining transcends the ordinary, promising an unforgettable vegan culinary adventure.

MILLENIUM - Michelin Star Vegetarian Restaraunt
Image: Millenium - Oakland

6. Shizen - San Francisco, USA


  • Cuisine: Vegan Restaurant
  • Website: SHIZEN SF

Nestled amidst the bustling streets of San Francisco, Shizen emerges as a unique culinary gem, redefining the essence of sushi through a vegan lens. Seamlessly blending age-old Japanese culinary traditions with avant-garde vegan innovations, Shizen offers a dining experience that resonates both with nostalgia and novelty. Each creation, whether it's the meticulously crafted sushi rolls or the comforting warm broths, embodies a fusion of authenticity and creativity.

While Shizen's vegan approach might raise eyebrows among sushi purists, the dishes speak for themselves. The "tofuna" rolls, a vegan take on the classic spicy tuna, feature chili-spiced minced tofu and cucumber, elegantly topped with creamy avocado and a sprinkle of chili "tobiko". Other standout dishes include the yuba salad drizzled with a rich miso dressing and the tempura-battered shiitake mushrooms, filled with a delectable faux-crab filling.

The restaurant's modern and chic ambiance further elevates the dining experience, making Shizen not just a place to eat but a culinary voyage that challenges and delights the palate. It's a haven not just for vegans but for anyone with an appreciation for inventive and flavorful cuisine.

Shizen Vegan Sushi - San Francisco - Michelin Star Vegan Restaurant
Image: Shizen - San Francisco

7. La Bartola - Toronto, Canada


Situated in the heart of Toronto, La Bartola emerges as a beacon of vegan Mexican cuisine. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and diverse flavors of Mexico, the restaurant presents a menu that seamlessly marries tradition with innovation. From the tantalizing tacos to the sumptuous tamales, each dish is a flavorful journey, capturing the essence of Mexican culinary artistry.

Under the expert guidance of Chef and owner Ivan Castro, whose culinary roots trace back to the kitchens of his mother and grandmother in Mexico City, La Bartola crafts dishes that are both visually appealing and gastronomically profound. The restaurant's ambiance, adorned with vivid colors and dynamic artwork, mirrors the lively spirit of its menu. But what sets La Bartola apart is its unique twist on classic Mexican fare. Traditional dishes are reimagined with a vegan touch, offering delightful surprises to diners.

Begin your meal with the black sesame tostadas, accentuated by the robust flavors of salsa macha negra and sikil pak. The eye-catching purple corn tacos, filled with braised hibiscus, offer a delightful alternative to conventional meat fillings. The quesadillas, brimming with a blend of roasted potatoes, refried beans, vegetarian cheese, and crispy onions, are a testament to La Bartola's commitment to innovative vegan cuisine. And to round off the experience, indulge in their curated selection of mezcal, Mexican beers, or tequila.

La Bartola Toronto- Michelin Star Vegan Restaurant
Image: La Bartola - Toronto

8. Gia - Toronto, Canada


  • Cuisine: Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Website: GIA

Located in the bustling area of Toronto, Gia offers a refreshing take on classic Italian dishes, reimagined with a vegetarian flair. This establishment masterfully marries age-old Italian traditions with contemporary culinary innovations, resulting in a menu that resonates with both authenticity and creativity. From the delectable pastas to the exquisite wine selection, Gia ensures that every facet of the dining experience is meticulously crafted.

The restaurant's interior exudes the charm of a quintessential Italian eatery, accentuated by modern design elements. High ceilings, chic white brick walls, and elegant herringbone floors set the stage for a memorable dining experience. As patrons indulge in the diverse flavors of Italy, they also get to appreciate the depth and potential of vegetarian gastronomy.

One of the highlights at Gia is their array of house-made pastas, especially the porcini agnolotti, which is bathed in a rich butter and Parmigiano Reggiano sauce, with a vegan butter option available for those who prefer it. The panko-crusted “meatballs” and “crab cakes” with bagna cauda are other standout dishes that might make diners forget they're enjoying a meatless meal. 

Founded by Jenny Coburn, Gia has quickly become a sought-after spot in Trinity Bellwoods, succeeding her previous venture, Ufficio. If reservations seem elusive, diners can always find solace at the inviting walnut-topped bar, perfect for walk-ins.

Gia Italian Vegetarian Restaurant - Toronto - Michelin Star Vegetarian Restaurant
Image: Gia - Toronto

9. Folke - Vancouver, Canada

  • Cuisine: Vegan Restaurant
  • WebsiteFOLKE

In the scenic locale of Kitsilano, Vancouver, Folke emerges as a beacon of vegan culinary innovation. This establishment doesn't merely serve food; it offers a transformative dining experience that champions the essence of plant-based delights. Each creation on the menu is a harmonious blend of flavors, underscoring the beauty and depth of locally sourced ingredients. With a menu that evolves with the seasons, diners are always in for a fresh, contemporary treat.

The interiors of Folke exude warmth and sophistication, with an open kitchen layout that adds an element of interactive dining. The restaurant's unique "hospitality included" approach, which integrates gratuity into the overall cost, is a nod to their commitment to fairness and transparency for both guests and staff.

The culinary vision of Folke is brought to life by the talented duo, executive chef Colin Uyeda and pastry chef/host Pricilla Deo. Their dedication to vegan cuisine and sustainable practices is evident in every offering, from the fragrant mushroom broth with artisanal noodles to the indulgent chocolate tart enriched with hazelnut and a hint of sea salt. Dining at Folke is more than a meal; it's an exploration of vegan gastronomy's vast potential, ensuring a memorable experience for all who visit.

Folke Vegan Vancouver - Michelin Star Vegan Restaurant
Image: Folke - Vancouver

10. Nightshade - Vancouver, Canada


  • Cuisine: Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Website: NIGHTSHADE

Situated in the heart of Vancouver's chic Yaletown district, Nightshade offers a culinary experience that seamlessly fuses contemporary techniques with age-old flavors. This trendy, plant-centric cafe takes diners on a global gastronomic journey, with the talented Executive Chef Chanthy Yen infusing each dish with his distinctive flair. 


Highlights include a fusion congee, a harmonious blend of East and West, enriched with aromatic braised fennel and a crunch of puffed rice. Their rendition of the pakora, featuring crispy cauliflower enveloped in chickpea batter and paired with a zesty green chutney, reimagines this classic in a delightful way. For those with a sweet tooth, the lavender-scented vegan crème brûlée, complemented by a raspberry-hibiscus coulis, offers a sublime conclusion to the meal. 


Nightshade isn't just about food; it's a celebration of plant-based artistry in a vibrant urban setting.

Nightshade Vegetarian Restaurant - Vancouver- Michelin Star Vegetarian Restaurant
Image: Nightshade - Vancouver

As we conclude our epicurean adventure through North America's elite vegan and vegetarian restaurants, we're captivated by the innovation in plant-based dining. 


From coast to coast, these establishments are not only a haven for those committed to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle but also an inviting gateway for those curious about exploring plant-based delicacies. With each dish, they're proving that the future of fine dining seamlessly blends sustainability, culinary artistry, and the rich flavors of both vegan and vegetarian cuisines. 


Whether you're a seasoned vegan enthusiast or someone looking to dabble in plant-based options, these restaurants promise an unparalleled experience.