Your Checklist for your Made-To-Measure Appointment

Thank you for scheduling your appointment, we've created a checklist for you to come prepared to your appointment.

Checklist for Your Appointment:

For optimal measurements, kindly come prepared to ensure accuracy for a tailored fit.

  1. Footwear: Bring the type of shoes you plan to wear with the suit for accurate pant length measurements.
  2. Undergarments: Wear the undergarments you intend to pair with the suit for precise fittings. (This step is very important for lady's blazers to fit properly)
  3. Wear a thin top for the most accurate measurements.
  4. Shirt or Camisole: Bring a shirt or camisole that you plan to wear under the suit jacket.
  5. Bring Reference Garments: You are welcome to bring your favorite pair of pants, skirt, jacket, or coat for fit reference.
  6. Please allow 45 minutes to an hour for this process.