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The VEERAH Ethos: Strength & Style

Discover VEERAH, a luxury brand that challenges the status quo of sustainable fashion. Deriving its name from the Sanskrit word for 'warrior', VEERAH resonates with the strong, compassionate, and style-conscious.

The brand's journey started with a vision to craft a new kind of luxury, marrying timeless design with innovative, cruelty-free materials. Today, VEERAH stands as a testament to the belief that personal style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Follow the brand's journey as it continues to forge a path towards a more compassionate future, crafting one exquisite, eco-conscious shoe at a time.



VEERAH: A Public Benefit Corp.

VEERAH was incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation on Earth Day of 2016, marking its commitment to sustainability.


VEERAH's Official Online Launch

In October 2016, VEERAH made its official online debut, opening its virtual doors to eco-conscious fashion enthusiasts.


Launches at ALLTRUEIST

VEERAH launched its collection at ALLTRUEIST, becoming the first Canadian retailer to carry the brand in 2017.


APPEEL: A Global Innovative Leap

In November 2017, VEERAH unveiled the world's first Apple Leather shoe collection, pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion.


Forbes Recognition: Best Vegan Shoes

In April 2021, Forbes named VEERAH as the provider of the "Best Vegan Shoes for Travel", further cementing its industry prestige.


Championing a harmonious blend of high-fashion and sustainability, VEERAH's mission is to make vegan designer shoes that marry personal style with an unwavering commitment to the planet. They're revolutionizing the fashion industry, one eco-conscious step at a time, offering more style with less footprint.


VEERAH values compassionate luxury, with a PETA-approved vegan label that ensures kindness to the planet. Believing in the power of versatility, they offer multiple looks from a single shoe. VEERAH stands firm that true luxury must be both seen and felt, resonating comfort in every design.


Fueled by a culture of giving back, VEERAH cultivates an environment where empowered women empower other women.

As a public benefit corporation, they dedicate at least 1% of revenue to social impact causes, promote employee growth, and sponsor scholarships through customer feedback. VEERAH's culture is about taking action and fostering positive change.


VEERAH's commitment to creating ethically designed, vegan footwear is a strong testament to their respect for animal welfare.

By using innovative materials like apple leather and recycled plastic textiles, they offer stylish alternatives to conventional leather products, ultimately reducing demand for animal-based materials and contributing to a decrease in animal exploitation.




VEERAH's dedication to artisanal craftsmanship is evident in each meticulously handcrafted shoe, created in collaboration with skilled artisans from small-scale workshops in New Taipei City, Taiwan, and Guangdong Province, China. Many of these artisans are third-generation experts, who have honed their craft through years of experience, working with renowned international luxury footwear brands.

The brand's focus on craftsmanship extends beyond aesthetics, with an emphasis on sustainable fashion and ethical production. By spending a significant amount of time on the factory grounds, VEERAH's team manages product quality, working conditions, and relationships with the workers directly, ensuring that both the craft of shoemaking and the artisans themselves are treated with respect.

Through limited production runs and careful consideration of environmental impact, VEERAH showcases their commitment to quality over quantity. This unwavering dedication to responsible production and exceptional artistry results in luxurious, versatile, and eco-conscious vegan shoes that elevate the craft of shoemaking to a higher level of sustainability and compassion.


Bamboo Leather

Bamboo Leather by VEERAH capitalizes on bamboo's sustainable properties: minimal water requirement, zero pesticides, and high CO2 absorption. This eco-friendly material offers the texture and durability of leather without the use of animal products or harmful chemicals.

Neo-Patent Vegan Leather

VEERAH's Neo-Patent Leather is an innovative, glossy material that's soft, durable, and lightweight. Its production process, which eliminates toxic DMF usage, results in 92% less water, 80% less energy, and 93% fewer VOCs than traditional synthetic leather.


VEERAH's Apple Peel Leather (Appleskin), a USDA certified bio-based vegan leather, transforms apple peel, a byproduct of apple juice production, into a durable, supple material. This innovative process, using 66% bio-based content, significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.


The brand's algae foam midsoles offer long-lasting cushioning support while reducing carbon emissions, saving water, and replacing over 30% of petroleum used in traditional foam. This process also aids in maintaining the health of marine life by removing toxic algae build-up.


VEERAH breathes new life into waste materials through their line of recycled leather and glitter. Utilizing post-consumer plastic bottles, polyester, and cotton, they craft materials that not only emulate the elegance of silk, suede, and nappa leather, but also significantly diminish waste that would otherwise end up in our oceans and landfills. This innovative approach underscores VEERAH's dedication to a more responsible, sustainable fashion industry.


Used in all the Hedy Ankle Boots, Tencel lining is biodegradable, breathable, and offers superior comfort. Its production involves a closed-loop process that recycles water and solvents, resulting in minimal waste and reduced water usage.


VEERAH's packaging prioritizes sustainability, with 85% made from post-consumer materials and 71% being recyclable. Options like reused shipping boxes and recyclable shoeboxes aim to reduce waste, while dustbags made from recycled plastic bottles promote a circular economy. The use of soy ink and post-consumer paper further underlines VEERAH's commitment to eco-conscious practices.



Stacey, the driving force behind VEERAH, brings a wealth of expertise from her diverse background. Her experience, ranging from roles at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Groupon Tencent China, and Coach Inc., coupled with an MBA from The Wharton School, provides the business acumen and strategic vision that propels VEERAH. Her passion for sustainable fashion is enhanced by her vast understanding of global supply chain management, making her an industry trailblazer.