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Seeking Change

Founded by Brother & Sister Niccolò and Orsola Amati in 2021 in Italy.

As with great start-ups, the project was born out of necessity, Niccolò could not find high quality dress shoes made out of cruelty-free materials during his stint at a japanese investment bank in London, so he ventured out to make it happen.

. After a year of prototyping, Solari Milano was launched in June 2022.


Shoe Construction

Blake construction is a method of making shoes invented in 1856 by Lyman Reed Blake. It is especially popular in Italy. In a Blake construction, the outer sole is directly stitched to the insole with a chain stitch this allows more flexibility and lighter weight. Solari cements the soles as well, between the rubber sole and cementing the shoes are extra-durable and water-resistant.

A Solari blake stitch shoe can be resoled when needed by most experienced cobblers.






Solari Milano use sustainable and cruelty-free materials throughout the entire chain, all materials are of 100% Italian origin.

The Uppers (outside fabric) are 70% from bio-based derived from corn, The corn used for making the base material is a non-food grade crop, so it doesn't divert food resources from human or animal supply chains.

The breathable and durable lining contains 70% bamboo. The sole contains 40% recycled rubber.  


Orsola Amati - Co Founder of Solari Milano

Orsola Amati
Co-Founder, Solari Milano

Niccolo Amati - Co Founder of Solari Milano

Niccolò Amati
Co-Founder, Solari Milano