Fine Italian Vegan Shoes


Paola Caracciolo’s quest started 13 years ago when she worked as a marketing manager in a supermarket chain. That position required a certain dress code, having always cared for animal-rights, she started looking for both cruelty-free refined clothes and accessories, most importantly shoes.  It was disheartening to see the lack of these products on the market and incredibly frustrating, so she decided to make them herself. 

As Paola states “Once you go cruelty-free, you can't really separate what you do with food and what do you do with clothes anymore. Eating meat and wearing leather are two sides of the same coin.” 

In 2006, there weren't really many options in Italy in terms of cruelty-free footwear (and of the ones available none were high quality) so she figured she would take on the challenge herself.


Paola’s first cruelty-free footwear brand was called "Veg Italian Style" in 2006. But, it wasn't yet time for vegan fashion nor for e-commerce business that could support it, so she quit in 2009. 

In 2014, Paola came back to start again: she founded a small start-up called Opificio V, which was allTRUEist’s first introduction to vegan footwear and the beginning of a long lasting friendship with Paola. As any passionate entrepreneur and driven to succeed Paola took care of everything: from collection design, communication, warehouse, strategy, truly a one-woman show. 

A big dream, a huge commitment, sacrifices; countless sleepless nights fueled by enormous enthusiasm are what made Opificio V the beginning of something big.

Alongside Paola was and still is Gianluca, who has managed production quality and who personally works with all the artisans in Italy that continue to handcraft their shoes. 

In 2016 Opificio V became Nemanti, a revamp of the company taking it to the next level with further investment. As of January 2019 Gianluca and Paola decided to leave Nemanti and start again a new brand with full control of the brand, always with the same ethos, respecting people, animals and the environment yet never compromising on style and quality.


 Since the first day we, at allTRUEist, met Paola in 2016 we knew she would make a difference in this world, she is a Pioneer, an Entrepreneur, a Mother and a visionary with a heart of gold. We want you to help write the next chapter, your support means we can help grow this Indie brand that we know you will enjoy their shoes as Paola and team have delivered outstanding collections one after the other rivaling the best Designers on the market. Vote with your dollar, and be part of the positive change Marzeri is creating!


Italian luxury shoe-making is an art, it brings together technique, extreme attention to detail, intense talent and a penchant for beauty. Their artisans’ mastery encompasses hundreds of years of Italian shoemaking expertise and craftsmanship passed down generation to generation, in a country where style is a way of life. 

 MARZERI shoes are crafted following the highest quality standards, to ensure that each handmade product comes with a unique style and unmistakable allure, paired with Paola’s obsession for sustainability, ethics, and innovation. 

The everlasting tradition of the Marche region is a testament to excellence. Marzeri’s decision of avoiding mass production in favor of a made-to-order philosophy, allows MARZERI to offer highly customized items, from shape to materials all the way down to a single detail, thus creating a truly exclusive, made-to-measure product. For their men’s elegant shoes, they use the Goodyear welt construction, recognized as the most exquisite of all men’s footwear production methods: a guarantee of exceptional quality, comfort, and extreme durability. 


Marzeri utilizes only fabrics and textiles with the lowest carbon footprint and natural materials, such as apple, grain-based vegan leathers, cork and wood. They thoroughly research the best solutions for the lowest possible environmental impact

APPLE LEATHER | Derived from apple fibers, this innovative material is made in Italy and aesthetically akin to full-grain cow leather, resulting in a richly textured and a supple shoe.  Extremely Durable ǀ Biodegradable ǀ Waterproof ǀ CO2 Emissions- free

GRAIN VEGAN LEATHER | Originating from seeds and grain fibers, it allows an extremely low percentage of non-renewable components. It results in very smooth and soft leather, perfect for elegant shoes.  Extremely Durable ǀ Flexible ǀ Waterproof ǀ CO2 Emissions- free

ALCANTARA®  | Made in Italy, this globally renowned material boasts a supple suede texture and unique features in terms of durability and versatility.  Waterproof ǀ Fireproof ǀ Breathable ǀ 100% Carbon Neutral

CORK | A versatile material that always plays an important role in Marzeri’s collections. Through their special crafting techniques, they create textures resembling snake or crocodile skin. EFSC® certified ǀ Flexible ǀ Unique textures ǀ Moisture- absorbing