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Founded in 2017 by Greek designer Ioanna Topouzoglou, Mashu was born out of a desire to create vegan accessories that offered sustainability without a compromise in style.Embedded within the Mashu DNA of the brand is their unmissable aesthetic. Inspired by Art Deco interiors and Cycladic architecture, Ioanna injects a fun, forwardthinking and fearless approach to the design of each collection.

Since its launch, Mashu has been committed to driving meaningful change through sustainable innovation and ethical best practice, from materials and supply chain through to production.

Marrying a genuine passion for sustainability with a celebration of innovative and artisan craft, Mashu bags are the ultimate solution for those seeking style that doesn’t harm planet, people or animals.



MASHU Brand Launches

Founded in London, England.


First Online Collection

Mashu debuts online with their first collection



Alltrueist launches as the first North American retailer


Shift to a Seasonless Brand

Mashu breaks the mold converting to a seasonless company


Marie Claire Awards

Mashu becomes the winner of the "Best Sustainable Handbag Brand" by Marie Claire Magazine


Mashu was born on a mission to create sustainable and vegan contemporary handbags that won't cost the earth and its inhabitants. They believe a good product is judged not only by its looks but equally through the way it was created.


Mashu is committed to driving meaningful change through sustainable innovation and ethical best practice, from materials and supply chain through to production.


Mashu is a female founded company run by a small team between London and Athens. They
value all their artisans and suppliers and work closely with them to continue to grow together.

IMPACT - NGO Partnerships

Mashu works with TreeApp to plant 5 trees for every bag purchased. By planting trees, we can increase carbon capture, revitalise species and provide
social and economic benefits to local communities. The planting activities are performed by local tree-planting NGO’s, who make sure every single tree they plant benefits endemic species and local communities.

Additionally Mashu has partnered with 1% for the Planet and donate yearly to different NGO’s.





Mashu's handbags are more than just bags. They are timeless pieces that are crafted with passion and care by local artisans in Athens, Greece. Each bag is made with meticulous attention to detail, from the handles and hardware to the packaging and the bag itself. The majority of the components used in the production process are locally sourced, with fabrics exclusively sourced from the EU.

By manufacturing locally, Mashu not only supports the local economy and workforce but also ensures a smaller carbon footprint. Mashu's commitment to craftsmanship and handmade products over mass production celebrates the individual behind each product made.



AppleSkin™, also commonly referred to as Apple Leather, a bio-based alternative to traditional leather, made from cellulose fibers from apple industry food waste. This includes fruit that does not meet cosmetic standards for supermarkets and waste from apple farmers' harvest.

The waste is collected from Tyrol, Italy, a region famous for its apple industry, and then repurposed in Florence to create apple skin products.


Bioveg, an Italian-made bio-based leather, comprises 73% bio-based mass content from non-GMO corn crops and 27% GRS certified recycled polyester.

Compared to petroleum-based vegan leather alternatives, Bioveg has a smaller environmental impact and emits significantly fewer CO2 emissions.


Piñatex is a plant-based leather substitute produced from pineapple leaves, a byproduct of the fruit industry that is typically discarded. Transforming this waste into a valuable material provides a new revenue stream for farming communities who rely on seasonal crops. The remaining biomass can also be utilized as a natural fertilizer or biofuel, adding further economic benefits to this sustainable process.


Mashu uses Italian recycled polyester in some of their linings, which is produced using a process similar to paper recycling, without any harmful chemical substances. This material is made from polyester fibers sourced from clothing and PET bottles, and reduces energy usage by 80% when compared to traditional petroleum-based polyester production.


Sourced from a GOTS certified supplier in the Netherlands, the Aegean organic cotton used by Mashu is free from GMOs and harmful chemicals, and ensures no child labour is involved in the production. This eco-friendly cotton is grown without pesticides, and any necessary pest control is conducted in a manner that is kind to the environment. With responsible water management and natural fertilization methods, Mashu ensures their use of organic cotton promotes sustainable agricultural practices.


    Vegea is a bio-based material made from grape residue from the Italian wine industry. Italian wineries collaborate with Vegea to add value to the grape residue leftover from wine production, using the grape skin, seeds, and stalk waste to create a new vegan alternative to leather. The result is a soft leather-like material, backed with 78% eco-composite organic cotton and 22% water-based PU. Mashu uses this innovative material in their designs to offer a sustainable and eco-friendly option for fashion-conscious consumers.


    Mashu's handles are not only beautiful but also sustainable. The handles are made from wooden furniture offcuts collected from a local furniture factory in Athens, Greece. The offcuts would have been discarded or burned if not for Mashu's initiative. The wooden handles are repurposed by Mashu's skilled artisans, coated with natural and water-based lacquers, and are incredibly durable.



    Ioanna holds a Masters Degree in Sustainable Textile Design from UAL Chelsea College of Art, making sustainability an integral part of the brand's values and practices.