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About Us

Making an impact

We started allTRUEist in 2015 with two dreams:
    * To change the world and challenge the status quo
    * To start our own business 
    It may have seemed ambitious…and it was, but why wouldn’t we try it?
    Our background has always been in fashion and we knew we could find ways of working our dream jobs while making a positive impact.
    We strongly believe that fashion can help create change; we all use it as our non-verbal form of communicating to the world “This is my style & this is what I stand for”, so we set out to find the message that represent us & change.
    It’s no secret that the fashion industry is incredibly harmful to animals, humans and the environment. We have now made it our mission to find great Fashion Designers that help counteract the harm other fashion companies create.
    We carefully curate and vet each Designer we work with. They must  produce all their designs ethically:
    * By paying fair wages
    * By providing a good work environment
    * By having their ethos focus on animal well-being, human rights & wellness or sustainability / environmental protection
      All this while focusing on fashion forward designs, high quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and high performance.
      It’s no easy task, but who said this would be easy!
      We love our Designers because they are now family to us and we adore you, our clients, because YOU are the one that is helping create change and a better future.
       Thank you for taking this journey with us. We are just getting started!
      Marcus & Franco



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