Brandford | Dark Taupe Extra-Padded Men&
Brandford | Dark Taupe Extra-Padded Men&
Brandford | Dark Taupe Extra-Padded Men&
Brandford | Dark Taupe Extra-Padded Men&
Brandford | Dark Taupe Extra-Padded Men&
Brandford | Dark Taupe Extra-Padded Men&
Brandford | Dark Taupe Extra-Padded Men&

Brandford | Dark Taupe Extra-Padded Men's Puffer Coat

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'Brandford' from Embassy of Bricks and Logs is the real deal when it comes to a puffer coat. They went all out on this one. Whatever you might be up to, whatever the weather‘s like out there, the Brandford got you covered (quite literally). Extra-long, extra thick, extra functional materials, extra extras.

We love the street-style feel of this coat and the extra padding provides extra warmth for heavy winters.


  • Extra puffed silhouette
  • Good for up to -20°C / -4°F
  • Just above the knee length
  • “E100 No Down” filling made from recycled post-consumer PET
  • Lining made from 100% recycled Polyester
  • Waterproof and breathable premium fabric, made from 100% recycled materials
  • Two-Way zipper and magnetic flap closure 
  • Removable hood with drawstring
  • Chin guard with magnetic closures
  • Drawstring hem
  • Large bellow pockets with magnetic closure, double opening (top & side)
  • Elasticated cuffs
  • 100% VEGAN 


True to size fit. Model Jeff is 183 (6 feet) in height and wears size L. 








30.7 to 33.8

34.2 to 37

37.4 to 40.1

40.5 to 43.3

43.7 to 46.4


26 to 29.1

29.5 to 32.2

32.6 to 35.4

35.8 to 38.6

39 to 42.1


29.5 to 32.3

32.7 to 35.4

35.8 to 38.6

38.9 to 41.7

42.1 to 44.9

 *Please note that all measurements are in inches

Care Instructions –
Washing your Ocean-Down Coat

Future Down, Faux Down, No-Down – we don’t feel these descriptions really live up to the filling material used for a lot of Embassy's styles. It is just like “real down” when it comes to the main characteristics: It’s as light as down, it’s as warm as down, it’s as puffy as down. 

Instead, recycled PET is used from the world’s oceans, doing their part in using more responsible materials while new, even better sustainable answers to the most pressing issues of the fashion industry are in the works. They like to call it “Ocean Down”, as they don’t think there’s anything “faux” or “fake” about it. On the contrary: We think that the material’s characteristics and the way it is sourced makes it superior to the old-fashioned approach (read: feathers). 

Washing is not necessary!

For odors you want to get rid of (i.e. cigarette smoke), just air it out thoroughly. Even better: Hang your jacket in your bathroom when you take a shower. The steam pulls out smells like nothing else. A very natural, resourceful way of getting rid of unwanted smells from all garments you own.

If the outer shell gets dirty, take a wet cloth and clean partially. This will do in most cases – if you ask us, probably all cases. Maybe a bit of soap, but make sure to test it first and in a spot that’s not visible easily.

If you really want to wash it, though…

Yes, you can easily put your jacket in the washing machine and in the tumble drier. Embassy has ran countless tests and they know our product is up to the task.

 … it’s really important you understand the basics.

The problem here is that even though Embassy has tried out various scenarios, there’s only so many test surroundings one can create. There are many unknowns, like the size of your washing machine, the programs it might offer, if the temperature shown is accurate. 

The Faux-Down Washing 101:

– 01
The main problem with washing your coat is that the Ocean Down filling will get thoroughly wet. Once it’s wet, be it in a washing machine or because you danced through a monsoon,  it’s likely that it sticks together and forms clumps and we have to do everything to keep that from happening.

– 02
While washing, wet filling material has to be kept in motion, so that it can move around freely. Otherwise, it might clump together, and again, that’s what you don’t want to happen at all costs.

– 03
Yes, wet filling material needs to be in motion, but not too much – if your machine is too fast (both tumble drier and washing machine), the filling is pulled into one direction and pressed down and will hence clump together.

– 04
Wet filling material, once it’s washed, needs to dry fast! Once you’re sure it has not clumped, get it dry fast so it stays that way.


Make sure to always follow these steps!

It’s very important that the machine isn’t too full or too small. As we’ve learned before, the coats need some space to move freely. So especially with our bigger coats, please note how much space your machine offers – when in doubt, try a local Laundromat to find a machine with a bigger drum. This is important!

Machine wash at 30°C max (!). Make sure to select “gentle” or “delicate” cycle. Make sure that all zippers are closed or otherwise their sharp edges might damage the fabric!

Select “spin” cycle at 600-800 max (!) for 10 minutes.

Tumble dry* at 60°C for 40-60 minutes. If your coat is still wet after that, continue for another 5-10 minutes. Remember, we want it to dry as fast as possible!

One thing that sounds a bit outlandish but is a must for good results: Get a couple tennis balls or dryer balls and put them in the drier with your coat. They help keep the filling in movement. Make sure they don’t loose color!

Take out your coat 2-4 times during the drying process, turn inside out, shake out and pat the chambers with flat hands to prevent the filling to clump together.

In case you don’t have a tumble dryer close, try a local Laundromat. If you have absolutely no choice but to air dry, it’s really important to dry your coat close to a radiator and do everything to help dry the coat fast. Lay it out flat, pat and shake the filling chambers, move around the filling during the drying process.

ATTN: If your coat is cycled to heavy, if it’s washed in a machine that’s too small or not dried correctly, there’s a good chance the filling of your coat, just like with a down coat, might clump together. This might ruin your jacket. Please note that we can not accept any responsibility for damages that occur through washing your coat (or getting it wet and not drying it correctly for that matter, say, in a thunderstorm).