Lumières de Paris - Eau De Parfum
Vieux-Montréal - Eau De Parfum | Luxury Niche Perfume | Vegan, Cruelty-Free Fragrances | Hébert Parfums
Vieux-Montréal - Eau De Parfum | Luxury Niche Perfume | Vegan, Cruelty-Free Fragrances | Hébert Parfums

Lumières de Paris - Eau De Parfum

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SCENT TYPE:  Floral Woody Musk


"Lumière de Paris" by Hébert Parfums opens with the timeless elegance of rose, creating a sophisticated and classic introduction. The heart features jasmine, adding a layer of refined and romantic floral notes that embody the sophisticated spirit of Paris. The base of leather and musk provides a deep, rich, and slightly animalistic foundation, evoking the storied charm and enduring grace of the Rive Gauche. This fragrance captures the essence of the Parisian woman's journey, blending refined florals with a compelling and spirited base.

Through the heart of Paris, where culture and elegance are etched into the very streets, strides the Parisian woman. Clad in her tailored brown suit, she embodies chic sophistication, her confidence echoing the legacy of the Rive Gauche. Lumière de Paris is her perfume, capturing the refinement she carries with poise and grace.

This fragrance narrates a tale of empowerment, a melody of the city's symphony she wears effortlessly. It honors her, a figure as timeless as the Parisian skyline and as radiant as the city lights that paint her silhouette at dusk.

Top: Rose

Heart: Jasmine

Base: Leather, Musk


Lumière de Paris begins with the classic note of rose, setting the stage for refined elegance. The heart blooms with jasmine, capturing her sophisticated spirit. Base notes of leather and musk evoke the storied charm of the Rive Gauche, a testament to enduring grace. This perfume mirrors the Parisian woman's journey, a blend as compelling and spirited as her steps through the city's poetic history.


Alcohol denat, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), linalool, coumarin, citronellol, geraniol, benzyl benzoate, farnesol, citral, d-Limonene

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